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Copper Braid Bond Flexible Connector Copper Braid Bond Flexible Connector
Copper Braid Bond Flexible Connector
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Copper Braid Bond Flexible Connector


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Copper Braid Bond Flexible Connector

Copper Braid Bond Flexible Connector

Copper Braid Bond Flexible Connector

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Copper Braid Bond Flexible Connector

We manufacture and export Copper Braid Bond Flexible Connectors

Flexible Braid Bond
Material - Copper
Copper Flexible Braids are used for bonding doors, fences etc.
Flexible Braid Bond / Flexible copper braid / Flexible copper braids / Flexible copper connector / Flexible connectors

Size mm Cross Section Area Hole Size mm Hole Centre MM Product Code
25 x 3.5 35 mm2 12 200 E12-FBB - 252
25 x 3.5 35 mm2 12 300 E12-FBB - 253
25 x 3.5 35 mm2 12 400 E12-FBB - 254

Braids made of many copper wires are also sometimes used for flexible electrical connections between large components. The numerous smaller wires comprising the braid are much more resistant to breaking under repeated motion and vibration than is a cable of larger wires.

In electrical and electronic cables, braid is a tubular sheath made of braided strands of metal placed around a central cable for shielding against electromagnetic interference. The braid is grounded while the central conductor or conductors carry the signal.
- High conductivity copper
- Wire to Bs - 4109 - C101
- Suitable for Earth Bonding/ also supplied as Standard Drilled & Pre-Cut Bonds.
- Customer specific sizes & types of braid can be manufactured on order.

Even though many of our products are standard items, we also make special tailor made products made exactly to the requirements of our customers.

 Electrical engineers in power generation are aware of this simple fact: Vibration is an enemy of electrical connectivity.

Generators, turbines and transformers are the prime culprits, causing vibration at key distribution points in electrical power plants, substations and industrial plants. While upkeep and synchronization can reduce the scale of vibration from generators and turbines, the remaining vibration takes its toll over time, as loose connections result in a loss of performance, equipment failure and expansion from heat that dramatically increases the chance of fire. Even with the addition of dampening pads and mounts, vibration still occurs throughout these power distribution networks, loosening lugs and other connectors attached to rigid electrical connectors, like busbars and grounding bars.

Flexible electrical connectors solve high-voltage connectivity problems created by vibration from generators and transformers. When used as the initial connector from vibration-producing equipment to a power distribution network, flexible connectors (or flexible braided jumpers) isolate the main electrical grounding bus work from the cause of vibration.

And while flexible braided connectors are more expensive than using copper bus bar, flex braid returns the investment by cutting the potential cost of down time, maintenance and energy loss created by loose electrical connections.

In addition to the positive aspects of flex braid, the most advantageous feature of this versatile connector is evident in its name – flexibility. A cable or cable harness with the same current-carrying ampacity is much stiffer and unwieldy. A cable that will carry 750 amps is fairly easy to work in 20-foot lengths, but bending a shorter piece and routing it around other objects becomes very difficult. In addition to their stiff, unwieldy nature, cables are rigid and transmit vibration.

Choose the right flex braid.
When purchasing flex braid there are several factors that need to be addressed. The first factor that impacts a flex braid purchase is the ampacity that must be achieved and maintained. Ampacity is the maximum amount of electric current that a wire, cable or braid can carry without experiencing immediate or gradual deterioration or exceeding its temperature rating.  Another term that is often used is current rating or current-carrying ampacity.

Once ampacity is determined, the next set of questions address the physical design factors. You’ll need to know what hole pattern will be required on both ends, the distance between the holes and the length from end to end. The next critical factor is width, is often a limiting factor and is most often impacted by ampacity. Higher rated braids tend toward wider configurations. Storm stocks flat flex braid in sizes ranging from #6 all the way up to 4/0. When the larger sizes are too wide for the physical limitations of an application, multiple layered flex braids are created to reach the correct design load.

Another element of braids is the stranding pattern. The number of strands and the size of strands are pre-determined by the manufacturer for each size of braid. Custom stranding is very expensive and generally not desirable when there are so many standard options available. Braid comes in bulk from the manufacturer with markings that indicate its qualities. A designation of 24-30 means that the braid is made of 24 strands of 30-gauge wire. The higher the gauge number, the finer the wire.

Flat vs. Round Braid…

Storm Copper stocks a very large inventory of both round and flat copper braid to reduce lead times for OEM customers.
• Typically, flat copper braid is used more often because it works well in vertical applications or direct connections where horizontal flexibility is not an issue. Flat braid also has a lower profile and takes up less room in tight quarters.
• When horizontal flexibility is specified, round copper braid is used because it bends and flexes equally in any direction.

Reaching the correct ampacity for a given application is also achieved through multiple layers of copper braid. Multiple layers of braid are selected based on total amperage requirements or current density then assembled in a parallel or stacked format according to a customer’s application.

Copper from end to end: Heavy-duty presses are then used to compress the ends of multiple layers into copper ferules. The next task is punching a hole for the connection. Punching is the most economical option, but drilling specific diameters is available and can be readily supplied upon request. Ferrules and holes are rounded on the edges for a solid connection that will not chafe or sever the strands of the braid.

Storm uses tin plated flex braid to ensure maximum protection in a number of environmental conditions, but the question of tinning or plating the ferruled ends is up to the customer and individual applications. The deciding factor to tin-plate the ends is based on the question: What kind of surface will the flex braid be connected to? Matching metals avoids the hazards of galvanic corrosion taking place where two dissimilar metals are in contact. Plated ferrules also eliminate the need for surface preparation and the use of “NO-OX” when they are mated to a plated connector.

Copper Braid Bond Flexible Connector
1) Flexible Braid Bond / Flexible copper braid / Flexible copper braids
2) Flexible copper connector / Flexible connectors
We have all toe expertise needed in developing & manufacturing special types of Copper Products.
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Download Our PDF File Flexible Copper Braid Bond Connector Download Our PDF File Flexible Copper Braid Bond Download Our PDF File Flexible Copper Braided Bond
Download Our PDF File Flexible Braid Bond Flexible copper braid Download Our PDF File Flexible copper braids Download Our PDF File Flexible copper connector

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Any kind of special products  made from Brass, Copper, Gunmetal,  Bronze, Cast Iron, Malleable Iron can be  developed, manufactured  and supplied exactly as per customer specifications.

The list of products is exhaustive and being a dynamic group we are always keen on adding new products to our range. As one of India's most valuable and respected corporations, We are well reputed in International market.We have earned good reputation amongst our international customers with its Quality Assurance, On time delivery and High Customer Satisfaction. To ensure consistent product quality, we work within a quality assurance system that is approved with ISO 9001 - 2008 certification (UKAS). Strict quality checks are carried out at different stages of manufacturing and only that material which passes stringent norms finds its way in the market around the Globe.

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